2021 In Review

3 min readDec 26, 2021
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Looking back at 2021 and all that has transpired this year and one word sums it all up “fascinating”.

I started this year sick and in dire need of growth in multiple areas of my life like my career, my relationships with friends, family and health.

I’m ending this year with major wins in my career, my personal growth, my mental and physical health and a relationship with a friend.

2021 Highlights:

  • My physical and mental health got better (stopped self-harming).
  • Transitioned to a Developer Advocate role as a Developer Relations Engineer at Storyblok.
  • Made my first million writing technical articles.
  • Started a startup with a friend(s), we’re doing well
  • Crushing it in my relationships 👀 🥳
  • Sponsored 3 people with laptops to start their careers in tech
  • Introduced more than 12 people to technical writing (they’re all doing well).
  • Got accepted as a technical writer into more publications (didn’t write for some however 😥)
  • Became a Google DSC Lead for the University of Port-Harcourt.
  • I got a special friend, my cat Rexxie 🐈

This year I pushed myself. I’ve moved into three apartments this year. I learnt more about people and how to better handle myself and relationships with other people. Also, I became a Google DSC Lead for UniPort 🔥

I also did a lot to support the community, I’ve come to know that giving is one of the many things that made me sincerely happy, so I gave at least more than 60% of my earnings this year to the community, buying courses, laptops, sponsoring 15 folks with AltSchool registrations, mentorship and getting more people into tech and technical writing.

This was the year I learnt more about frameworks, Golang and also got the hang of blockchain and what it entails. Started a company with a friend(s), we are doing well with more in store for ‘22.
One thing I am grateful for is how much my articles helped a number of people become better developers.

I joined my girlfriend at church and honestly, it was the next best decision I’ve made. I’ve come to find praying peaceful and even more fulfilling, I hope to explore more of my spiritual life in the coming year.

I did more for my family especially my mom and siblings, and I am grateful that I am finally in a position to do this and more.

This year I invested mostly in cryptocurrencies and yes, I did a number of stocks last year that are still good (Thanks Elon Musk and Tesla 🚀)

Similar to Richard, I took a lot of mirror selfies this year, dropping some here cos why not 😂

Ohayo 👀
say hi


For the next year, I’d like to do a lot but key focus in the areas below

  • Grow in my career (write more articles, create a lot of videos, make more impacts at Storyblok, support more NGOs and lots more)
  • Learn Solidity and be better at Go and blockchain development
  • Speak at more conferences (already revamping my setup for this).
  • Sponsor 12 people with laptops to get started in tech
  • Introduce 36 people into technical writing and mentor them till they get accepted into leading publications.
  • Do more for the community
  • Make lives better for a lot of families.
  • Do something hooge for my family
  • Be a better person and build more relationships
  • Start a newsletter and follow through with it 😅
  • make a lot of moneyyyyyyy

I think 2022 maybe a year of surprises and yes I made a lot of progress with friends like Dillion and Bigbrutha.

Happy holidays and I wish everyone a blessed 2022!




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