2022 in Review — Grace and Love

3 min readDec 25, 2022
2022 in a building set in the sun
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I contemplated writing this year in review for different reasons, one of which was I wasn’t sure if I wanted to make it personal and, if so, how personal is okay to put here.

The first thing I did before writing this was to go read my 2021 review, and I want to say, I’ve had major improvements and progress done this year! Didn’t do all I wanted to do but I think I’d breathe and do better!

I am ending this year with major wins in my career, my personal growth, spiritual life and relationships.

2022 highlights

  • Travelled out of the country for the first time 🛫
  • Visited three (3) cities in Europe 🇪🇺
  • Spoke at major conferences and improved my speaking game 🗣
  • Didn’t self-harm (for the most part) 🙏
  • Started a Youtube channel 🚀
  • Became better in my career and at work at Storyblok 🥳
  • Bought land for my mom 👵
  • Got gadgets for myself, my family and some other people

This year I tried to be a better person, this came in the form of building better relationships with people, moving past my unhealthy habits (such of not eating lol), taking my health seriously, started working out and even working on my own program and pulling my weight at work and family.

I also visited Vienna in Austria, Alicante, Spain and Amsterdam, Netherlands. Omo, travelling is top tier stuff and it changed how much I viewed life and what matters.

This year wouldn’t be complete without highlighting some events that changed how I view life, one of which was loosing a friend, Yemi. That crushed me far beyond measure. I discovered at the end, life happens. I threw myself at work and going church.

One of the things I said I’d do was to get myself things and I’m glad I did that extensively this year, from skin care to gadgets and food 🫢 I also took my health more seriously and started working out, cutting down on energy drinks. Now some pictures of my habroad moment

For 2023…

For the next year, I’d like to do better in many things, in particular these areas

  • Get better at my career and work ✨
  • Launch a blog and write more! 🚀
  • work out more
  • Build a ‘house’ for my mom
  • Travel more 🛫
  • Speak at more conferences 🤩
  • Save more!
  • Take my relationship with God more seriously 🙂
  • Be more intentional with my friendships
  • Mentor more technical writers
  • Make a truckload of moneyyyy

For 2023 I hope to make more friendships with more people like I did this year, and also to ask more questions on my spiritual life to Dillion and Bolaji as I did this year 🙂

Have a blessed 2023 everyone!




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