Thoughts on the past month for someone…

2 min readOct 24, 2022

This piece was written to someone special on my thoughts on the past month, even more, this is a little on the adult side and I wanted to see above all, how much I can do with words and my thoughts.

Photo by Eric Hong on Unsplash

Traveled out, at first it was about fun, the gram, and glam. Then I wanted more, I missed you, the food you make, and every night I spend alone, I missed spending it with you.

Got to Spain and had to do a lot of work, missed you more, and in the depth of most nights on the 5th floor of a hotel, I sat and smiled at the stars. I knew then that its time. I wanted you, more so I wanted to do more of this, travel of Nigeria and see other places, but with you.

Amsterdam was too cold, all I could think of was how much I loved Europe and making love to you in their heated rooms in their glass building. When I am not doing that, I am counting the euros I saved and spent, and gritting my teeth against the cold

I am in Lagos and cityJS went well I guess, a couple of mistakes but we created awareness and it was good. On nights like the one, before I wished you were here to remind me to take drugs cos, I missed it.

All my life, I’ve negotiated for everything, including what money can not buy, I’ve asked for the impossible and settled with nothing but all I wanted. I have more fights to win, but in the ones I did with you, I have found more fulfillment doing them.

And this is the recount of the past month.





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